American SPS, UMA Solar’s sister company, offers a variety of eco-friendly pool and spa solutions to make your experience more enjoyable. The salt-based chlorinators will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, unlike traditional chlorine systems. To learn more about these products, please select your pool type.

Resilience provides soft, clean water with gentle chemistry levels that help keep your eyes clear and your skin velvety soft while protecting blonde and dyed hair. This system uses mineral salts to produce a pure form of “free chlorine” and shocks chloramines out of the water. This provides all of the sanitizer and shock needed and eliminates the negative side effects associated with traditional chlorine pools.

Resilience Plus uses only natural minerals to produce a pure “free” form of chlorine in small amounts that are immediately infused into the water for sanitization. After sanitizing the water, this free chlorine reverts to a salt mineral state (a continuous cycle). Thus, the pool’s environmental footprint is greatly reduced by eliminating the ongoing carbon emissions from chlorine production facilities and chlorine transport vehicles. Resilience Plus also protects the environment and human welfare by eliminating chlorine spills and the risk of mixing incompatible chemicals at the pool site.

Nexa Chlor automatically purifies spa and pool water without the chlorine odor. Its gentle chemistry levels keep your eyes clear and help protect blonde and dyed hair. Nexa Chlor works on low mineral levels and installs in minutes.

The Dead Sea’s rejuvenating powers have been cherished for thousands of years. Now, extensive research has made it possible to combine the latest sanitizing technology with the ancient minerals of the Dead Sea. Through electrolysis, Nexa Spa creates a natural form of chlorine for sanitizing the spa while leaving the vital minerals to be absorbed through the skin for the bathers’ well being. The Nexa Spa system includes the Nexa Chlor purifier, Nexa Dead Sea Minerals and a timer.