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6.9% APR
1% Payment

Keep more money in your pockets with UMA Solar! Also available for any product, any service you offer.



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  • Contractor submits app/sales contract to MFG for approval on Direct Pay Option (DPO)
  • Upon Credit approval, MFG calls the customer to verify financing terms and program parameters
  • MFG emails UMA/contractor with approval/payment guarantee on equipment to UMA
  • Contractor submits anĀ order to UMA with DPO for Payment
  • UMA ships order without affecting contractor credit line
  • Contractor completes work, submits signed completion certificate to MFG
  • MFG performs due diligence confirming equipment has been installed & customer is satisfied.
  • MFG will pay UMA directly for the invoice on materials and the contractor the balance thereafter.

For more information, please contact Grant Campbell at:
800.79.SOLAR x 1109 or

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