What is uCredit?
uCredit is UMA Solar’s incentive program designed to replace the previous uBucks program.
How do I qualify for uCredit?
A minimum of $20,000 in total product sales per quarter is required.
Credit will not be given to those who have past due balances.
How do I enroll for uCredit?
Each dealer is automatically enrolled in the program; you do not have to do anything outside of meeting our qualifications. Each quarter, UMA Solar will issue a credit to those who meet all of the qualifications. This credit is applied directly to your account, saving you money on future UMA purchases — it’s that simple!
How much credit will I receive?
The uCredit amount will be determined on a quarterly basis based on the amount that you have sold and whether or not you have met all of the qualifications.

Solar Thermal Sales $5 per $1000 in Sales
Photovoltaic Sales $1 per $1000 in Sales
Can I use uCredit for printing or marketing materials?
Yes — with uCredit the money is applied directly to your account, saving your business money. You can then choose to do what you want with your savings; pass it along to customers, start a marketing campaign, print brochures, order banners, or take a vacation!

Previously, the uBucks program was designed for printing and marketing purposes only. You had to log into a website and place your order or you were required to provide us with documentation on marketing campaigns.

When does uCredit start?
The uCredit program runs annually from January 1 to December 31. Your account
credit is calculated and applied after each quarter in April, July, October, and January.

For questions or more information, please contact your UMA Solar sales representative.