In 2018, there was a constant state of innovation with new advances in solar panel technology that was developed simultaneously. There have been thousands of milestones in solar efficiency, solar energy storage, wearable solar technology and solar design technology.


What is happening in Solar Technology in 2018?

There are two main types of solar technology: photovoltaics (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP). Solar PV technology takes in sunlight to generate electricity, and CSP harnesses the sun’s heat and then applies it to create thermal energy that powers different technologies.


Solar Skin Design

One barrier to the solar industry is the fact that a high percentage of people who own homes do not consider solar panels as an appropriate addition to their home. However, various companies are making solar panel additions that allow solar panels to have a more appealing customized look. This will help many homeowners feel that their choice in purchasing a solar panel is not only an energy efficient enhancement (like an appliance) but also a cosmetic purchase that will create more value and equity within the home.


Solar powered roads

Solar panel roads are a new addition in solar panel technology and a great addition of PV technology. According to new sources, the sidewalks along Route 66 are the new chosen testing environment for this exciting technology. These roadways are heralded for their ability to generate clean energy, but they also include LED bulbs that can light roads at night and have the thermal heating capacity to melt snow during winter weather.


Wearable solar

Although, wearable solar devices are not necessarily a new technology with the advent of solar power watches and other gadgets. In 2017, we saw the emergence of an innovation of solar power textiles, which are tiny solar panels that can be stitched into the fabric of clothing. The concept for the new textile concept makes it possible for solar to expand into home products like window curtains and dynamic consumer evergreen technology. The emerging technology of textile designers is created by chemists and designers called Marianne Fairbanks and chemist Trisha Andrew.


Innovative Solar Batteries

Solar powered manufacturers have taken notice to innovative off-grid solar and solar plus storage and have gained popularity in the U.S. marketplaces. For instance, Tesla Powerwall is an example of a rechargeable lithium battery product launched in 2015. However, other companies like Lifi batteries are giving lithium batteries a run for their money with their eco-friendly capabilities.


What new solar panel technology means today for homeowners

For homeowners who are interested in solar panel solutions, the majority of topics that are integrated are efficiency upgrades, storage improvements and equipment capabilities that all contribute to the effective power output for solar panels and low costs. At UMA solar, we provide and distribute solar-powered panels that are great for your residential home or business.

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