What do we mean when we talk about joining our Carbon Conscious Mission here at UMA Solar? 

Carbon Conscious

It starts with understanding how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced per kilowatt-hour (kWh) when electricity is generated. Every year, The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) publishes CO2 emissions estimates. Last year’s report estimated the total U.S. electricity generated at 4.01 trillion kWh, resulting in 1.55 billion metric tons of CO2 into our atmosphere. On a micro level, this means we emit 0.85 lbs of CO2.


How to Determine Your Home’s Carbon Footprint


You can find out your home’s carbon footprint by taking a look at your electric bill — simply multiply the kWh used by 0.85 lbs of CO2. According to the EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration), the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer in 2020 was 10,715 kWh, averaging about 893 kWh per month.


Reduce Your Emissions by Switching to Solar Pool Heating

This means that the average home has an annual carbon footprint of 9,108 lbs of CO2 emissions, and if you’re heating a swimming pool with electricity or natural gas, you’re only adding to these figures. If you want to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, choosing solar pool heating over these alternatives can reduce your annual CO2 emissions. 

Image of a flyer reading: Comparing Your Options: How to Heat Your Pool, based on heating a 200 square ft. pool in Florida. Electric Heat Pump (125 kBTU/hr) vs. Solar Pool Heating (7 4’ x 12’ Solar Pool Collectors). Average unit cost including installation: $4,800 vs. $6,500; Electrical Connection Cost (30A-40A GFCI): $1,000 - $3,000 vs. no electrical connection needed; Average Annual Energy Consumption ($ 0.12/kWh): $720 (6,000kWh) vs. $72 (running a pool pump); Product warranty: 2 Year Full Warranty, 5 Year Parts Warranty vs. 7 - 12 Year Manufacturer Warranty; Average life span: 5-7 years vs. up to 25+ years; Estimate Annual Carbon Impact: 5,520 lbs of carbon produced vs. no carbon produced. For more information, call 800-79-SOLAR or visit www.umasolar.com.

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As the U.S. Distribution arm of Magen eco-Energy, UMA Solar is dedicated to making a global change in how we think about carbon emissions. We can make a true difference for this generation and the next for our planet through educating and raising awareness of the impact of something as simple as choosing solar pool heating over gas or electric heating.


Make the Carbon Conscious Choice With Solar

Graphic reading "Solar Pool Heating, The Carbon Conscious Choice"

That’s why we’re encouraging homeowners like you to make a decision toward our Carbon Conscious mission regarding how you heat your pools and to help our dealers spread the word about how solar can save on annual emissions. 


We’ve calculated the lifetime carbon savings each of our collectors can provide, so you can make an informed (and carbon conscious) decision about your system. And once your system has been installed and registered, you can even request a Carbon Conscious Certificate. 


See the Impact We’re Making

To show you how BIG of an impact we’re having with the Global Carbon Reduction Mission, we’d like to spotlight one of our dealers/installers in southwest Florida: Advance Solar & Energy in Fort Myers, FL. 

Within 60 days of launching our Carbon Conscious Mission statement this past Earth Day, Advance Solar & Energy has installed and registered enough solar pool heating systems to equate to over one MILLION pounds of carbon reduction! 

Graphic reading "Leading the way for our carbon conscious mission"; below text is logo of Advance Solar & Energy with tagline "Good for you, good for everyone". Bottom left shows badge with the text "thank you for being carbon conscious"

If that’s the impact of a single dealer in two months, imagine what we can do in a year if every dealer or homeowner considering a new system across the U.S. and worldwide chooses to be carbon conscious. 


Join Our Mission for Reduced Emissions

So join our mission and build a brighter future with solar, one home at a time. Learn more about how you can get started on your carbon-conscious journey today.

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