Lower Your Energy Bills With Solar Panels

Constant pool use can end up costing just too much with fossil fuel pool heaters. But dont let old pool systems bog your wallet down; switching to solar pool panels can save you an average of one thousand dollars a year on fuel costs alone. Solar panel efficiency has only been increasing for the past two decades, and the newest solar pool panel designs will save you so much more than the equivalent fossil fuel pool heater.

By generating electricity when exposed to sunlight, free solar energy can entirely replace the need for fossil fuels. With solar pool panels, your pool system costs can be reduced by up to 60%, all while helping the environment.

Many propane or natural gas powered pool heaters will slowly degrade over time, costing more and more for maintenance and fuel. But our pool panels have life expectancies almost twice as long as most traditional heaters, and their efficiency does not decrease over time. In order to create a risk-free environment, UMA Solar offers 12-year warranties on some of their solar pool panels.

While the power output of the solar pool panels may vary due to cloud cover and sun exposure amounts, using solar can save up to thousands of dollars in fuel costs for a propane or natural gas pool heater; and in some colder climates where a propane heater would be ineffective, solar pool panels can still fully function.


UMA Solar Panels Help Save You Money

All you need to begin saving is the right size of an area to arrange for your solar array. The general rule of thumb for the right power ratio is to have a solar pool panel array large enough to cover 50 to 100% of the surface area of the pool itself. For this reason, many simply take advantage of their homes rooftop. Aside from this one requirement, UMA Solar panels install fast and easy, and the solar pool panels will pay for themselves in savings within a few years after installation. As an added bonus: after installation, with proper maintenance, most solar pool panels can maintain their effectiveness for up to 20 years.


The Problem with Traditional Pool Heaters

The problem with current common pool heaters is their reliance on expensive fossil fuels, but propane and natural gas pool heaters are two of the most common forms of pool heaters today. Fortunately, our technologies and designs have found a way around that reliance, and have almost perfected the art of solar pool heating. Thanks to UMA Solar, these products are available to each and every pool owner for an affordable price, using clean energy to save money for everyone involved. So if you live in an area that gets a decent amount of sun, dont hesitate to start saving on heating bills right away!

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