When it comes to installing a solar panel pool heater for your home there a number of variables to consider how you want to go about installing and implementing your solar panel heater.

Installing a solar swimming pool heating system involves many factors:

  • Pool size
  • Length of swimming season
  • Average regional temperatures
  • Desired pool temperature
  • Site’s solar source
  • Collector orientation and tilt
  • Collector efficiency
  • Use of a pool cover

There are other factors that go into play when installing a solar pool heater.


Is the pool above ground or inground?

Above ground pools, without a deep end, have much less water to heat than an equally sized inground pool. However, above ground pools have more heat loss through the open surface and the sides of the pools. Although, whether or not you have an inground or above ground pool it may all equal out.


Environment – Is your environment windy or calm? 

Pools that are located in coastal or windy environments may need extra solar panels to compensate for the wind. To avoid heat loss, using a cover or Using a cover, or installing wind blocks of fences or hedges can help reduce the problem.


Is the Solar Controller Manual or Automatic? 

Solar pool heaters can be operated with a solar controller, which increases performance and efficiency. It does this by bypassing the solar panels when conditions are not optimum for heating – during cloudy or rainy periods.


Is the Pool Covered or Uncovered? 

If you have a covered pool it can retain 70% more heat that you put into it. Usually, pool heating is lost during the night time when the temperature drops. If you have a plan to cover your pool consistently, you could save money on installing your solar heater panels.


Is your pool in a sunny area?

The best conditions for solar pool panels are facing the sun with unthwarted sun per day. If you have a shady pool area, don’t worry! You can always install more pools panels to help heat your pool and compensate.

Luckily, you can also always place your panels in different areas of your backyard. They don’t all have to be installed in one direct area. Also, the great thing about solar pool heating is you can always install more panels if you need to. If you’re interested in purchasing solar pool heaters shop now!

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