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UMA Solar has terminated the long term relationship with  Green Energy Solar Inc. — a former Heliocol dealer and solar installer in the Arizona Market. 

Please feel free to contact us or call 800.79.SOLAR to be connected with one of our trusted dealers in your area. 

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We are NOT associated with Green Energy Solar Inc, Heliocol West, SunX Solar Systems, Sun Splash Solar Pool Heating or Sunbather Solar Pool Heating & Covers.


UMA Solar and Magen eco-Energy take pride in our products and services. We are fully committed to protecting our customers and the integrity of the solar industry. Thank you for choosing and trusting the true, Heliocol brand.

Please contact us at 800.79.SOLAR or to work with one of our trusted UMA Dealers in your area.

UMA Solar is NOT associated with the following companies:

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Caveat Emptor

Buyer Beware: If you are considering a Solar Pool Heating System, it is important to perform your own investigations, inspections, and inquiries about the installation company as well as products including the exact brand. Please ensure as a homeowner, you seek appropriate warranties from the vendor and check the previous history of consumer reports to make the best decision for your purchase.

Still Need to Heat Your Pool?

If you are still interested in solar pool heating — UMA has new, trusted installers in your area! 

Contact us today to get a quote or have an in-person site assessment survey to see if solar is the solution for you!


UMA is here to help with any service issues you may have with an existing system installed by our former dealer.

We value your business, if you are having issues with your system and need service, we will gladly connect your with a trusted UMA Dealer in your area.

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