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Our Guarantee

For more than 40 years, we have provided high-quality products with full technical and marketing support to our dealer network across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. All our solar equipment is new and direct from factories. You’ll never receive a used or refurbished system from UMA, so your customers will receive full-life solar value. And that’s guaranteed.

Advanced Conservation Systems, Inc. has been installing UMA Solar Heliocol solar pool heating panels for many years, and they have been proven to resist the rigorous climate here in the desert. We have had a wonderful relationship with this company and stand by the longevity of their products. I would absolutely recommend purchasing from them.

—Steven J.

We’ve been installing UMA Solar (SunStar Solar Pool Heating) systems for more than 5 years and we continue to be impressed with the quality and reliability of the products. They are a good company to work with. They are out of Florida. Happy to be one of their dealers.

—Courtney C.

WarmSwim has worked with UMA solar for years now. People, Product, Process! Their people truly care and make all the difference. The Heliocol product is superior to all other solar collectors on the market and the ordering process is easy. The ongoing support and (honest) warranty is what sets UMA apart from the others. Thanks, UMA!

—Tom B.

Estamos para Ayudar

Servicios de Ingeniería

Disponemos de ingenieros de proyecto autorizados para que sus instalaciones avancen. Los servicios incluyen ingeniería de aplicación, especificaciones de equipamiento, planos completos de ingeniería para el equipamiento solar (estructurales, eléctricos, fontanería), asistencia con el cumplimiento de códigos, modelado económico y de rendimiento de sistemas térmicos solares y diagramas preliminares, esquemas y cálculos.

Los proveedores de UMA Solar también pueden crear informes Polysun personalizados e informes de análisis de piscina directamente desde el sitio web de UMA.

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Estamos para instruir

Servicios de Marketing

UMA Solar ofrece una serie de herramientas de marketing y recursos para asistirle en sus necesidades de marketing. Esto incluye folletos, fragmentos de mailing directo, banners, displays y mucho más.

Nuestro equipo de marketing también se asegura de que todos los proveedores UMA conocen las promociones, anuncios especiales, e información importante a través de boletines de noticias mensuales y publicaciones de blog en el sitio web de UMA.



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Estamos para crecer

Servicios para Proveedores

Los proveedores de UMA Solar pueden recibir diversos beneficios, incluyendo clientes potenciales particulares y comerciales, oportunidades de publicidad compartida, marketing por email y contenidos medios sociales, así como otras ventajas.

Todos los proveedores se inscriben automáticamente en un programa de incentivos que le permitirá ahorrar dinero en exclusivas compras UMA futuras.




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Alcance Nacional

Distribución Efectiva

With three strategically-located distribution centers, UMA Solar can deliver product anywhere in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean Islands. As a dealer, you will have complete support with a dedicated sales manager who will work with you on your company’s goals.

Map of the United States with UMA distribution in CA and FL

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California isn’t the only state where solar power and photovoltaic panel installations are becoming standard new home construction. Homebuilders in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and many other areas of the country already offer solar power for new home construction. For builders in many new communities, solar energy isn’t just an option — it’s a standard home feature. Add solar energy to your home builds with the UMA Solar for Home Builders Network.

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