Built to Last a Lifetime

eco-SPARK solar pool heating prioritizes innovation, performance and durability above all else. With special weather-resistant and energy-efficient technology, an eco-SPARK investment is both eco-friendly and economic.

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Innovation, Performance, Durability

Performance is Everything

eco-SPARK is the next generation of solar pool heating. By extruding the collector tubes right inside a special glazing material, eco-SPARK significantly increases the performance of the collectors. This glazing material creates a greenhouse effect which preserves energy—resulting in more warmth in your pool when you need it most.

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UMA solar pool heating eco-spark design
UMA solar pool heating eco-spark design
Weather Resistance

Efficiency at Its Finest

Advanced performance in high winds makes eco-SPARK ideal for coastal regions and cooler states with windy weather. An added bonus—the increased performance of eco-SPARK means your solar pool heating system may require less of your limited roof space! These efficiency benefits provide you and your family with greater accessibility and convenience for what really matters:

  • Morning swims
  • Health exercise
  • Safe, family fun
  • Relaxation
  • Personal time
  • Nighttime swims
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