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When it comes to choosing a brand that’s the right fit for your home, Heliocol is a name you can depend on. Our high-quality systems are guaranteed for 12 years, making sure your investment value is worth its price. As an industry leader in solar pool heating, Heliocol is dedicated to being a true innovator of solar technology.

UMA Solar has been awarded the first OG-400 certifications for our solar swimming pool water heating systems from the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC). We are one of the first manufacturers to complete the new program. The certification proves compliance with the ICC 902/APSP 902/SRCC 400 Solar Pool and Spa Heating System Standard.

UMA Solar earned OG-400 certification for its Heliocol HC family of solar pool heating systems, which make use of its OG-100 certified HC unglazed solar thermal collectors.
Read more about the new certification here.

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Heliocol's Unique Design Features

Heliocol solar collectors are constructed like no other. Unique design characteristics and innovative engineering make Heliocol the best solar pool heating system available. The balance between design, excellence and durability make Heliocol the smart choice for your residential or commercial needs.

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